Personal Financial Manager

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Powering financial wellbeing for digital retail banking

Woohoo Pay drives crucial customer insights through leveraging rich data in real time. With advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and behaviour analytics, our PFM solution provides financial control, and wellbeing for our retail customers.


Empower The Customer

Updates with real-time information about all their accounts and personalized data-led insights and notifications. Pattern detection enables them to track and review recurring payments.

  • Transactions Enrichment.
  • Financial Calendar.
  • Scheduled Transactions.
  • Insights & Notifications.
  • Account Aggregation.


Complete financial management

Designed with user-friendliness and an intuitive UI front of mind, customers can avail of all manner of effective financial management features. These include peer comparison, easy viewing of transaction history, and forecasting income and expenses.

  • Financial Analysis.
  • Cashflow & Balance.
  • Peer comparison.


Tools to accomplish your objetives

Banks can provide a unique banking service to every retail customer. They can help identify financial goals, reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenditure, and set up saving plans.

  • Saving Goals.
  • Budgets.
  • Ok to Spend.
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Real-time spending overview

Stay informed

Automated accounting

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A powerful open API

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