Crypto Gateway

Frictionless global payment network.

Conventional card payment platforms cost up to 3% per transaction. Through Woohoo Pay you save up to 2% without the hassles of card platforms.Bitcoin does not force its users to shoulder the risks of payment fraud. Merchants can refund and customers can pay without disclosing sensitive information.

Do Business With The World

Get payment in any amount, from every corner of the world and from any computer or mobile device. Through the bitcoin network, Woohoo Pay maintains a record of your transaction. Any fraudulent transaction can easily be tracked back to source.

Large or enterprise level businesses

On-the-go Access through Mobile App,You can now access your payment metrics dashboard any time using our Mobile App. Your account interface is protected through double verification during login. Real Time dashboard and interface to track sales, monitor payouts, handle customer redressals and manage refunds. Manually handle faulty payments or automate them for productivity.

Shopping Cart Integration

You can get started simply by entering the relevant details and copying the code to your website. We integrate with over 20 popular shopping carts so you can seamlessly accept bitcoins on your existing website. Accept bitcoins using your existing payment partners. Send recurring or one time email bills for bitcoin payments

24/7 dedicated support in multi-languages

One of our card payment specialists can get a really good understanding of what makes you and your business tick and create a personalised pricing package that works for you. Whether you’re brand new to card payments, or are looking to switch provider, get in touch today and see how we can help. WooHoo pay is a cost-effective alternative to High Street banks or payment service providers with the added benefit of access to our Revolution portal for transaction management information and consumer intelligence.

Online & eCom Payment Processing


Hosted ecommerce payment gateway redirects customers away from your website to the payment service providers page (PSP) where the user provides payment details and completes the payment process.

After the payment is complete, the customer will be redirected back to your website to finalise the checkout process. Hosted payment gateways are suitable for small business because it is secure and cost-effective.

Local bank integration redirects users to the bank’s website where they fill the payment details.

After making the payment, the customer will be redirected back to the ecommerce website, with the notification of successful payment sent upon redirection. This method is simple and easy to use for small ecommerce businesses.