Business Financial Manager

The complete financial management solution for SMEs

The BFM solution enables banks to provide optimal accounting and bookkeeping services for their SMEs. The tool answers to the 3 main issues all businesses face: money management, accessing lending and scaling their business successfully.


Complete payment lifecycle control


Putting our customers in charge of their finances, where they can add counterparty information, monitor their financial calendar in detail, manage invoices, and schedule transactions with personalized insights and notifications.

  • Transactions Enrichment.
  • Financial Calendar.
  • Insights & Notifications.
  • Scheduled Transactions.
  • InvoicingThird Party Connection.


Real-time performance snapshots

Detailed income and expense analysis equips banks to facilitate precise at-a-glance updates and convenient, data-driven financial planning to their SMEs clients.

  • Financial Analysis.
  • Cashflow & Balance.


Expense management optimization

SMEs can set funds aside for future payments, plan donations, and calculate tax estimations. They can create custom thresholds, which helps prevent unnecessary expenses in order to achieve their financial goals faster and easier.

  • Provisioning.
  • Budgets.